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Knights of Tempest Bibliography

Below are listed web sites, articles, and books for use as reference material for the project.

Have a suggestion? Send the URL or ISBN to Secret Doors.


In Print


In association with Amazon.comThe links below will take you to entries at Amazon.com. Yes, I've set up association with Amazon.com, partly as a keen, pre-packaged method of providing details on books, and partly as an income generator. I know it's not going to pay for anything yet, what with just us using the site, but I reckon it'll be easier later on, when I'm trying to set up other advertising situations, to have this one already taken care of.

In the meantime, feel free to do your book shopping through the Knights of Tempest links. If you're going to be buying books anyway (and I know you are), you might as well be sending some kickback into the project, eh?

By the way, 100% of procedes, if any, will be reinvested into Knights of Tempest.

Authentic Thaumaturgy, by Isaac Bonewits

Bonewits, the only person ever to earn a degree in Magic from the University of California, brings "real-world" magic into role-playing terms, for the first time marrying fantasy RPGs with real world concepts of magic. Thousands of years of culture and tradition, science and art can finally contribute to your role-playing experience. Bonewits truly presents this for the role-player, with hard numbers and genuine interest in the fantasy genre ... not simply wishy-washy New Age mumbling that has no bearing on your game. This should be part of every gamer's library.

The People's Chronology : A Year-By-Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present, by James Trager

The ultimate historical reference, The People's Chronology chronicles each year in human history, with the events of the year organized into categories such as literature and transportation. An excellent index helps you manage this wealth of information.


On the Web


The Gaming Outpost Vault: Columns
These are two columns being written by two professional game designers, John Wick and Gareth-Michael Skarka, as they embark upon their next projects. Very interesting, very enlightening, and very, very relevant.

Uncle Figgy's Realm
Several killer discussions of role-playing and fantasy in general. Uncle Figgy knows where it's at.

Pyramid is Steve Jackson Games' award-winning role-playing magazine, and it's published completely online. Not only is Pyramid a good object lesson for the project, doing successfully something similar to what we want to do, it's also a really, really good gaming magazine ... you will enjoy it.
I'm also just terribly impressed by how much SJ Games promotes the industry as a whole. They're not just pulling for themselves, they're pulling for role-players. That deserves respect and patronage. Give 'em your fifteen bucks, man.

15 Favorite Web Design Resources
Several web design resources in a wide variety of areas.

The 10 Secrets of Selling Online
The title pretty much explains it. Some of these are self-evident, others don't apply, but generally this seems like sound advice.

The GAMA Home Page
The Game Manufacturers Association, an international trade organization for game designers. I've found their page a little hard to use, so I haven't done much exploring. Let me know if you find it useful or not.