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Welcome to Knights of Tempest

It is infinitely bright, and infinitely dark. It is energy and annihilation, mass and vacuum, birth and death. It is good, evil, power, corruption, feast and poison, infinity, and imagination. It is the soul. It is alpha and omega.

It is Tempest.

Tempest lies behind the world like the backside of a vast stage. It has been described as another dimension, one which no normal men and women have visited outside of their dreams. But the rare few are born with the power to feel its ebb and flow, and even to use its vast power. They are called the Knights of Tempest, and they walk among their fellow men as emperors, heroes, saviors, tyrants, monsters, and gods.

Knights of Tempest is a role-playing game of post-modern fantasy. Players take on the roles of Knights of Tempest, struggling for power and survival in a world that darkly mirrors our own.

Knights of Tempest will be distributed for free on the Internet. At this moment, the game is under development by a young, upstart team of role-players, writers, artists, web designers, and programmers looking to turn the industry upside down by building a game for an online community of dedicated gamers.

Thank you for visiting. You are welcome to contact us.