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White Howlers

I offer this information for historical chronicles. If you're here to get stats for playing your last-of-the-White-Howlers character in a modern chronicle, bear in mind that it's officially not allowed, and that I personally don't advocate it. In fact, I think it's silly.

Please email constructive comments, suggestions, and critiques to me at weavermoon@secretdoors.com. I'm especially interested in hearing from you after you've had a chance to use the rules.

White Howlers

The noble White Howlers are a small but powerful and mysterious tribe. The Howlers are known as the brethren of the Picts, peerless trackers, the followers of Lion, and the most dangerous enemies of the Roman Empire in Britain. Above all, the White Howlers are known for their pride.

Like the Get of Fenris, the White Howlers pride approaches the level of hubris. On the other hand, their prowess as warriors and protectors has never fallen short of their claims. They are a spooky lot, known to consort with the spirits of the animal dead. They stalk the foggy moors and know of innumerable caves, defended mounds, and earthen fortresses throughout their land. Among the other Garou, the military impenetrability of Howler territory is legendary.

When the Wyrm's agents among the Roman legions do finally penetrate White Howler territory, around 200 AD, it is not a military advance, but individual vampires and Fomori who sneak into and awaken the ancient caves and dormant Wyrm caerns. When the bulk of the White Howler tribe delves into a Wyrmhole thus created in their land, its members will lose their will, apparently as a result of an insidious Wyrm plot or of their own pride. When they emerge as the Black Spiral Dancers, they will hunt down their brethren and offer them a choice: join or die. Those White Howlers and kin who do manage to escape the Black Spiral Dancers will be absorbed completely by the Fianna and Get of Fenris.

Tribal Totem: Lion (PG2 120)

Initial Willpower: 3

Backgrounds: White Howlers may not buy Contacts or Resources.

Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Lion's Might, Wanderer's Boon

Physical: White Howlers breed with and protect their Pictish kinfolk. Most White Howlers have pale gray fur, while the coats of their nobility are invariably snow white.

Territory: The White Howlers dwell among the ghostly moors of modern Scotland. They and their kinfolk have been the major force in halting the advance of Wyrm-strengthened Roman troops in Britain. The Romans have advanced as far as Hadrian's Wall, but the Howlers have made certain that every foot gained has been costly.

Protectorate: The Howlers are devoted to protecting the Picts, but are equally devoted to protecting the land in which they live. They are all too aware of the many dormant, Wyrm-tainted caerns within Pictish territory, and fiercely protect them, lest they be awakened.

Tribe Weakness -- Hubris: As the Flaw: Overconfident (PG2 10).

Tribal Gifts

The Gifts of the White Howlers reflect their association with Lion. Their Gifts give them prowess as hunters, and some are even adapted from the magic of their Pictish kin.

Beast Speech (Level One) -- As the Level One Galliard Gift (W:tA 122).

Lion's Might (Level One) -- The White Howler may channel her fury into strength for battle. The Howler's muscles actually expand to provide extra strength. This Gift is taught by a Lion- or Bear-spirit.

System: The Howler spends a point of Rage for each additional point of Strength. No more than two points may be thus spent each turn, though the Howler may still spend Rage for extra actions. The increase lasts for one turn, and is cumulative. The additional Strength provided by this Gift cannot exceed the total Strength the Howler would normally have in Homid form.

At the Storyteller's discretion, the sudden increase in muscle mass may provide other benefits for the character, such as breaking bonds. It will also have negative results, such as destroying clothing and equipment worn by the Howler that is not dedicated.

As the result of channeling Rage for this Gift, the White Howler must, with full force, violently strike something or someone within a turn. Otherwise, the Howler must roll for Frenzy, with the difficulty lowered by two.

Wanderer's Boon (Level One) -- As the Level One Pumonca Gift (PG2 144).

Howl of the Lost (Level Two) -- As the Level Two Fianna Gift: Howl of the Banshee (W:tA 127), but the White Howlers learn their version from spirits of the animal dead.

Luna's Armor (Level Two) -- As the Level Two Children of Gaia Gift (W:tA 127).

Sense of the Prey (Level Two) -- As the Level Two Ragabash Gift (W:tA 118), but the White Howlers can learn their version from a Lion-spirit, in addition to Wolf- or Dog-spirits.

Shroud of the Moors (Level Two) -- As the Level Two Black Fury Gift: Curse of Aeolus (W:tA 127), but the White Howlers learn their version from Mist-spirits.

Faerie Kin (Level Three) -- As the Level Three Fianna Gift (W:tA 127).

Lion's Roar (Level Three) -- The White Howler roars like thunder, and projects a cone of intense sound at her opponent. Outside of combat, the White Howlers occasionally use this Gift to communicate instead of howling. All Howlers can understand such roars as if they were howls, which is especially useful when fighting werewolves from other tribes, who cannot understand the roars. This Gift cannot be used in Homid or Lupus form, and is taught by a Lion-spirit.

System: The Howler spends one Rage and blasts out a cone of thunderous sound directed at a single opponent within five yards. No roll is required to hit, and the Howler rolls his current Rage (not permanent) for damage. The first point of damage is aggravated, and if it is not soaked it bursts the eardrums of the target, possibly rendering them permanently deaf; the opponent is also stunned, and loses their next action. The remaining damage in not aggravated, and counts as stun damage [for those using the WoD: Combat system].

Using this Gift for communication in place of howls does not require the expenditure of Rage, but does require a successful Rage roll. The range of the roar is similar to that of a howl. Spending a point of Rage will triple the range.

Woadling (Level Three) -- As the Level Three Fianna Gift (PG2 40), but the White Howlers learn their version from Lion- or Fear-spirits.

Beast Life (Level Four) -- As the Level Four Lupus Gift (W:tA 117).

Hero's Stand (Level Four) -- As the Level Four Get of Fenris Gift (W:tA 129).

Monolith (Level Four) -- Using this Gift, a White Howler in contact with the earth or stone can form and carve massive monoliths, drawing them out of the earth for use as protection. Many Howlers also use this Gift to create standing stones on important sites, such as caerns. This Gift is taught by an Earth elemental.

System: The White Howler concentrates for one turn, spends a point of Gnosis, and rolls Stamina + Rituals. If the roll is successful, a monolith of stone rises from the earth in front of the Howler; its size is based on the number of successes, and its value as protection:
Succ.    Volume    Max. penalty as cover vs. missiles
1    3 yrd³ +2 diff.
2    5 yrd³ +3 diff.
3    7 yrd³ +4 diff.
4    10 yrd³ Total cover
5    15 yrd³ Total cover
6+    20 yrd³ Total cover

The stress on the character' body caused by this Gift causes one level of unsoakable damage. If the roll botches, the stress on the Howler's body causes one point of unsoakable aggravated damage, plus an additional point of unsoakable (non-aggravated) damage for every botch.

This Gift may also be used to carve the surface of a monolith of stone, in any pattern desired. The Howler must place her hands on the rock, concentrate for one hour, spend a point of Gnosis, and roll Stamina + Expression. The number of successes indicates the level of intricacy possible. Using the Gift in this manner does not cause damage to the user. A botch cracks the stone in two.

Lion's Bite (Level Five) -- As the Get of Fenris Gift: Fenris' Bite (W:tA 129), but the White Howler version is, of course, taught by an avatar of Lion.

Totem-Form (Level Five) -- As the Level Five Black Spiral Dancer Gift (BotW 75). [I have a specific form of this Gift, called Great Lion, but since the idea is borrowed from Blackstar's White Howler Home Page, I can't reproduce it here. I have asked Blackstar for permission to publish my slightly modified version here, and will put it up as soon as possible if my request is granted.]

For a different interpretation of the White Howlers, check out Blackstar's White Howler Home Page. For some info on the real-world Picts, check out the Pictish Nation Homepage.

by McRey "Mac" Moyer

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