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Rarity of Gifts

A simple way of scaling the rarity of a Gift is to base it on the source material from which it comes. The favors and prices that individual spirits demand in return will still vary from spirit to spirit, but this scale provides a guideline.

Note that the level of a Gift also influences the price that a spirit will require in return for teaching. Higher level Gifts will require more of a sacrifice than lower level Gifts. The personality of the spirit teaching the Gift will also influence the price, and whether or not the spirit will teach the Gift to a Garou not of the proper breed, auspice, or tribe.

Werewolf: the Apocalypse 2nd ed.
A Gift from W:tA is very common among members of the breed, auspice, or tribe to which the Gift belongs. Spirits will not usually require a price out of proportion with the Gift's level. Reasonably experienced Garou from other breeds, auspices, or tribes generally know that the Gift exists.

A Gift listed in a tribebook is widely known to members of the tribe, but not very common at all. Spirits aren't jealous of the power, and demand a reasonable price; however, spirits will almost never teach such a Gift to a Garou not of the tribe, and members of other tribes are generally not aware that the Gift exists.

Player's Guide 2nd. ed.
Player's Guide 1st ed.

A Gift from one of the Player's Guides is uncommon, and is not well known even among members of the breed, auspice, or tribe. Spirits often require an unusual price for teaching the Gift, though not outrageous, and they very rarely teach them outside of the normal breed, auspice, or tribe.
Note that a Gift listed in PG2 takes precedence over its counterpart, if any, in PG1.

General sourcebooks
A Gift from most sourcebooks is unusual. Knowledge of its existence is obscure, and spirits certainly don't advertise its power. Such is Gift is usually gained only as the object of or during the course of some sort of quest.

Storyteller's Handbook
The Gifts listed in the Storyteller's Handbook are all of Level 6. They are, by definition, the legendary powers of the Garou, extremely rare and available only to the greatest heroes. To gain such a Gift, the Rank 6 hero must undertake a dangerous journey to the realm of an Incarna and petition it. The Incarna will demand a favor or quest before it will grant the Gift; such a price will surely by proportional to the ample skill of the hero and to the tremendous scale of a need that an Incarna could not itself fulfill.

Werewolf: the Wild West
Frontier Secrets

In the W:tA setting, a Gift listed only in W:WW is known but in the shady corners of legend, if it is known at all. Such Gifts are very hard to find, and most spirits do not even know how to teach them anymore. The ones who do are no longer bound by spiritual contract to teach them to Garou. If a Garou can find a spirit which knows how to teach the Gift, and who will admit it, the spirit will require an enormous price in return.
Gifts listed in Frontier Secrets are twice as rare as those listed only in W:WW.

Other Gifts
A handful of Gifts are, for some reason, unavailable to most Garou. Generally, this is because they "belong" only to members of a certain camp within a tribe. Such Gifts are marked within their descriptions, though not always clearly.

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