The following message from Ethan Skemp answered some questions I had about some of the shifter stats. I've provided it here as a reference.

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 15:54:03 -0400
From: Ethan Skemp {}
To: "McRey B. Moyer" {}
Subject: Re: Shifter stuff

McRey B. Moyer wrote:
> Mr. Skemp--
> I have a few questions about the stats and rules for some of the
> shapeshifters from PG2. Forgive me if some of these are in the book
> and I'm just not finding them.
> 1. Do Corax have Glory, Honor, and Wisdom renown, as mentioned in
> PG1? PG2 seems to mention only Wisdom.

They sure do. See Corax for more details.

> 2. How is starting Rage determined for a Mokolé character?

It's at 3 before freebies.

> 3. How is starting Willpower determined for a Nagah character?

4 for all.

> 4. Does the Nagah's Azhi Dahaka form incite lessened Delirium, or
> full?

Your call. I'm inclined to say full since it's just so terrifying, but they didn't take part in any Impergium, so you can go that way as well.

Ethan Skemp