SuperFudge is a supplement for Fudge roleplaying that allows you to take on the roles of superhuman heroes, costumed crusaders for justice!

Fudge is the Free-form Universal Do-it-yourself Gaming Engine, a roleplaying game designed to be not only generic, but infinitely flexible to meet the needs of any campaign, any setting, any genre! With Fudge, you're encouraged to pick the rules you want, and make up your own, until you have a game that meets your needs!

This supplement introduces Fudge attributes for four-color supers, a new skill system that works in combination with the existing Fudge attribute system, and a flexible system for completely unique powers. It also incorporates the "karma dice" idea from John Wick into Fudge's advancement system.


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Publication history:
Version Alpha 1

23 December 2000

Notes: The first version of SuperFudge. Copyright 2000 McRey B. Moyer

by McRey "Mac" Moyer
Secre Doors Web Press