Game Designer's Guidelines
Last revised 5 Aug 2000

What we're looking for

Secret Doors Web Press is looking for original adventure game material for Web publication. Roleplayers are our target audience. Original stand-alone games (including but not limited to board games, card games, roleplaying games), source material for existing games (assuming we can get permission to publish), articles on adventure gaming hobbies, reviews... anything that would appeal to adventure game players that can be published on the web. Secret Doors prefers games that are deceptively simple. Learning should be easy, but play should be engrossing.

You can look over the existing material to see what direction we're headed. But most of all we want to surprise our audience... so we want you to surprise us.

What you get out of it

At present, Secret Doors Web Press is a not-for-profit affair. You get:

What Secret Doors gets out of it


All material must be the exclusive property of the game designer offering the game to Secret Doors Web Press, or made available with the permission of the owner of the rights. Supplements for other games are fine, as long as they don't infringe upon the rights of other parties.

Material must be Internet-publishable. Printable components provided as part of a published game must be suitable for printing to 8.5x11 paper, and they should work in both color and black and white.

All games are subject to acceptance by Secret Doors Web Press.

How to submit

Email Secret Doors. Each email should contain information on only one submission. If you have lots of ideas, send a seperate email for each one.

Never send attachments to an email without asking permission first! Can't stress this enough. Between viruses and file compatibility problems, there's a good chance we just won't open it.

What then?

After you've submitted your game, we'll get in touch with you, let you know whether or not we're interested, and arrange the rest of the details. Everything's open to discussion, but in general we ask that you give us non-exclusive permission to keep the material on our site for six months, after which you can revoke your permission or let us keep it online. We generally won't make any attempt to prevent you from publishing your material elsewhere, during or after the six-month contract.


If you have any questions about our submission policies or publication requirements, please contact Secret Doors.