by McRey B. Moyer



Knights of Tempest is foremost about elitism, political, intellectual, religious, social . power in the hands of individuals. Tempest gives a Knight the right of control. It's not a matter of if you will rule, but what, and how. A Knight may choose to be an oppressor, a leader, a hero, a marauding fiend . anything within the range of human ethical ability. But a Knight is always elite.

Note that this is elitism, not oppression. Sure, oppression is a natural byproduct of power. But Knights of Tempest is the perspective of the Knights, not the Plebes. The elite don't consider the backs upon which they rise any more than you or I consider asphalt.


Elite individuals have power, and they create domains. Each domain is the isolated, embodied whim of the individual Knight who controls it. In Knights of Tempest, power includes power over cities, technologies, cultures, reality itself. Domains on the smallest level reflect the whim of the local Knight. Reality may be completely different over the next hill.


Tempest Earth is a postmodern world, a world where everything has been and nothing is sacred. It is our own world.

The Knights of Tempest once held chivalry and honor among the highest truths. They made them law. But for every Law of Tempest, there are a hundred excuses to break it. A handful of leaders -- royalty among royalty -- strive to maintain the Laws. But even they do it for selfish reasons, for personal gain, for shortsighted devotion to power structures.

Tempest Earth is a world dying for heroes. That is the challenge to the player. Rise above the decay. Reject the corruption. Find strength that transcends magical power. Defy entropy. Be a hero.