Demon Mine

Human miners established Demon Mine, searching for precious ignium on a fiery, hostile planet isolated from civilization. A tunnel accident breached the armor of one miner, exposing him to the searing air of Demon Mine, and to a virus that transformed him into a massive, vicious white ghost beetle in a matter of seconds, perfectly adapted for the hot tunnels and completely inhuman.

The miners soon discovered that their tunnels were saturated with the hostile virus. Every time the beetle attacked a miner and breached his armor, the miner was infected instantly, transformed into a ghost beetle. Overwhelmed by the powerful ghost beetles, a group of four miners rushed into the tunnels to trigger a radiation bomb designed to wipe out the virus and the beetles. Unfortunately, the team was buried alive inside the mine, and some of the terrible white beetles survived.

With two years away from rescue, and fearing the beetles would eventually come to their surface camp, the last few remaining miners had no choice but to return to the collapsed mine to rescue their four companions. The virus is wiped out in the tunnels, but the beetles can still inject it into unconscious miners with their fragile ovipositors.

So the battle begins in earnest, man versus insectoid, digger versus digger.


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15 October 2001

Notes: The first version of Demon Mine. Copyright 2000 McRey B. Moyer.
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24 July 2000

Notes: The first version of Demon Mine. Copyright 2000 McRey B. Moyer.
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